ARTCORE BLOG #3 – 7 Benefits Of Handmade Products Used For Home Decor

Hand knotted Area Rug Weaving
“That's the thing with handmade items. They still have the person's mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”
Aimee Bender

People should prefer Handmade items because it’s a true specimen of a craftsman that gives a personal and emotional touch. Home is a blank slate which you make brick and mortar, it gets of enormous emotional value by curating it according to the way you like. Using hand made products gives you the same kind of feeling. 


The handmade product gives a constant vibe of rich heritage value which gives a classy look to the room or space it is kept in. Along with the personalized feeling that the handmade products liberate there are many other fields in which buying handmade products stand tall compared to other machine-manufactured décor products.

7 benefits of handmade products

1. Environment Friendly

Handcrafted products take less resources and regular assets to create than things made through mechanical production system. Machine made products requires huge electricity and other vital resources since they have to be produced in bulk quantities. On other hand, handcrafted things aren’t created in enormous amounts and even when they do they mainly uses the skill of artists main resource.

Made on a much smaller scale than high street brands, handmade products are not only produced sustainably but are often made in materials that are Eco-friendly in nature and sourced locally. You could choose to buy from an online handicraft store that practices sustainability instead of a larger brand that may or may not adhere to being Eco-sensitive. The health and well being of our planet determine our wellness, and we must ensure that we do everything we can to embrace a lifestyle that works towards saving the planet from man-made hazards like pollution, contamination of water bodies, disposal of non- biodegradable material, etc. Not only does our conscious lifestyle come with great health benefits, but it is also the right thing to do to ensure that we leave a clean and healthy world for the generations to come. 

2. Better for Economy

Purchasing high-quality items can likewise make employments and fortify the economy. High-quality products are regularly made by private ventures, and independent company development is useful for everybody. Studies have indicated that moving even only 10 per cent of customer spending in some random industry to privately possessed organizations would make several new openings and a huge number of dollars in nearby wages. If you buy from a big business often the profit is going to the large multinational that owns it. If you buy from a local handmade crafter, a high proportion of their income is going straight back into their community. The average handmade business is also a lot of greener and sustainable. They’re not wasting large amounts of materials. They either work in their own home or locally so there isn’t as much transport involved. And the energy to produce handmade items is less than the big assembly lines for mass-produced items.

3. The uniqueness of the Item

Handmade Pillow covers Southwestern

Of course, you can shop at your local big department store for your product. And prices do seem to be getting lower every day! But this low cost means you’re getting a mass-produced product to keep the cost as low as possible. You’ll often get the same thing everywhere because that same mass producer is supplying all the big-name stores.

There is nothing individual or special about what you’re getting from these big stores. On the other hand, your local artist is sourcing new materials and trying different techniques. You’re getting a unique and sometimes customized, item. You’ll have something completely individual from a handmade business. Handmade products are more than just a product. There is love, creativity and uniqueness involved in core of the product.

4. Skills Are Kept Alive

A lot of handmade crafters use traditional skills. They might have learnt their skill from their parent or grandparent. And this skill was handed down from their previous generation. Or maybe someone just loved skill and took years to learn and perfect it by themselves.

We need to keep these abilities alive. Buying from handmade businesses will mean future generations will still see these special products and techniques for many years.

5. Reconnect and Revive

Our lives have become extensively mechanized and fast-paced. Sadly, we have little or no time to spend on understanding and learning about the rich culture and heritage that was once our asset. Apart from this, abundant utilization of mass-produced products, machines, etc has strained our relationship with products that are intimately crafted. As a conscious community of individuals, it is our responsibility to reconnect with our history and revive the dying art and craft that are such an integral part of our history. 

Not only are these products made using locally available material, but they also provide employment to individuals who are completely reliant on their skills to make ends meet. With widespread awareness and fierce attempts by some individuals, we are now able to access crafts from across the globe by the click of a single button. By choosing to shop with such an online handicraft store, not only are you bringing home a product that speaks volumes of our history, but you are also providing employment and opportunity to people who may be in dire need of the same. 

6. Great as a gifting item

Every relationship as a story of its own. The best of gift should not be materialistic as should not be as a formality. Gifts are a symbol of love and each gift should be worth remembering. A gift is just more than item, it is a story. Mass-produced gifts cannot give value to the emotions and the type of relationship you share.  This is the only reason people love when they receive a handcrafted gift in comparison to the mass-manufactured gift items.
Custom made Gift

7. Better Quality Products

There is a myth revolving around the handmade products has fewer quality standards than the machine-made. Many machine products which are manufactured in bulk quantity, due to which the quality standards are sometimes compromised.


But in the case of handmade products, every minute detail is properly taken care of. Quality of every element of the product is checked to assure the best customer experience.


Whether you are doing up your home, or your dream office space- every product that goes into your space must be packed with a lot of care. it is imperative to make conscious decisions to include products that are created sensitively in response to the environment we live in. On the bright side, choosing for products that are handmade comes with a lot of benefits as discussed above. You can bring home richness and heritage instead of mere pieces of utility. Enrich your home with folklore, tales, and skills of times bygone, for they are timeless, elegant and sophisticated. Keeping such hand made products helps you to make the place of brick and mortar your dream home.

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