ARTCORE BLOG #5: Interior decoration Ideas for having Stress free Environment in Home.

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Interior Ideas for stress free environment at home.

A certain amount of stress in everyday life is hard to avoidable. By our Interior Ideas for stress free environment you can create beautiful interior which can help you deal with certain stress by avoiding them.  Family life, work, relationships, finances and other aspects of living in the modern world all come with their stressful moments, and most people can deal with this stress without too many negative consequences.

However, too much stress can have adverse health effects on both physical and mental health and can cause:

  • Depression, particularly in people who have experienced depression before
  • Headaches
  • Lack of energy and problems concentrating
  • Stomach problems and lack of appetite
  • Increased risk of high cholesterol and heart attack.

Stress can disrupt healthy coping strategies. It is essential to deal with stress for both physical and mental health. Having a stress-free home environment and routines is a great way to promote everyday stress-free living.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate stress from your life, but if you’re prone to feeling stressed about everyday problems, or you have a stressful job, it’s important to make sure your home is a haven where you can retreat and relax at the end of a busy day.

Home Decor IDEAs to create a stress-free Environment

1. CHOOSING PASTEL COLORS (Neutral Color Tone)


You probably didn’t consider how color could affect your mood when you were last redecorating, but studies have proven that some colors such as red and yellow can actually raise your blood pressure. To promote a calming atmosphere, opt for light shades of blue and green that help to improve relaxation. In-fact all the color palettes used by many designers involved pastel colors only. Little bit of colors that pops out of pastels are okay but if you start decorating the entire interior with dark and pop colors then it will harm the mental. Having pastel only color palettes will help you curb anxiety.  

2. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

Getting enough sunlight is an important and often overlooked factor in mental health. In fact, lack of light in the winter months in several countries in the northern hemisphere can even cause a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In most parts of Australia, we get enough light all year round so that this isn’t a problem, but if your home is dark and gloomy it can make stress and depression worse. Avoid blocking the light from windows with heavy curtains or blinds in the daytime and consider using light bulbs that emulate daylight.


3. Add Some Greenery

Spending time in nature can have a hugely positive effect on your mood so it’s important to get out of the house when you can. However, you can also bring nature inside with the addition of some pot plants and even artwork or photography of landscapes. Studies have shown that just looking at a picture of beautiful scenery is enough to lower stress levels.

4. Make Your Bed Every Morning and Clean Your Kitchen Every Evening

Getting the day off to the right start can make a big difference to your overall mood and stress levels. Start with an easy task that you can achieve no matter what – making your bed. In the same way that clearing clutter helps to clear your mind, a freshly made bed will help you to feel calm and prepared for the day ahead. Likewise, nobody likes getting up to a dirty kitchen first thing so make sure you do the dishes and wipe down surfaces before you head off to bed.

5. Have enough spaces between the furniture

People usually prefer rooms which has enough spaces between their furniture. When thy feel more comfortable walking in their spaces they automatically feel relaxed.

CLEAR THE CLUTTER,  A clean, minimalist decor can be soothing to your senses. You can choose an open plan layout that has fewer barrier walls if you live in a compact apartment and make the space look bigger. 

Having a clumsy furniture layout gives rise to agitated and irritated feeling. Also, the chances of getting hurt or accidents is mainly due to no walking space in your home.



At the end of the people wants a calm atmosphere to lay off some steam and a peaceful end to the day. Having a peaceful end to the day also gives a motivation to carry on the next day. The above-mentioned techniques are scientifically proven to keep you calm.

So, lets make your home a little more peaceful.

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