ARTCORE BLOG #2 : 7 Ways Art Can Overcome Boredom During the Quarantine

Fascinating Ways Art Can Overcome Boredom During the Quarantine

7 Fascinating Ways Art Can Overcome Boredom During the Quarantine

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
Thomas Merton

You once in your childhood loved doing art and craft, you also had at least one A2 drawing book where you poured all your pure-hearted imagination on every page of that drawing book. Where all your relatives thought that you are born with talent. You were the Picasso or Van Gough of your house as well as school. Out of all the achievement certificates in schools, more than 50% of those were in art and craft including the exams certificate of elementary and intermediate. Right??

The question is what happened to that talent, that enthusiasm huh? All the creative young minds including me have the same answer. We grew Up! We as a kid have sacrificed a lot of things for studies, for making into a great college. We sacrificed our best friend, the friend who would always take up the frustration of studies, the friend who gave us the recognition from teachers and fellow classmates. The friend is known as “ART”.

You won’t deny the fact the after-school time this is the only phase in our life in which we are getting more time than we desired. We try to find some ways to pass this phase of quarantine.


Fascinating Ways Art Can Overcome Boredom During the Quarantine

Time is the only ample thing which we have got in this quarantine. Anyone who wants to pursue his or her hobbies requires time. Thus, this quarantine has emerged as the period where everyone can try the things that they love doing but don’t usually get time in busy schedules. We all know it takes time to catch up with our long-lost hobbies. Don’t you think quarantine is the time you were waiting for catching up your hobbies?


Sooner or later this lockdown and quarantine period will end. After a long 70-80 days of quarantine, one should not feel guilty of not doing anything productive. By mastering the skill of art and craft, you would not feel the same way you did before the lockdown. Creating something from nothing is a great deed. It gives a sense of pride every time you look at your piece of art. Showing to others via photographs and social media and receiving compliments is the most fascinating feeling in this world. If you haven’t started to pursue art and craft yet then start as soon as possible


As mentioned in the above point that you can share photos of your artwork on social media. There are plenty of art lovers including interior designers, architects, decorators who explore these social media platforms to collect such beautiful artworks for their next projects.

You can start a whole line of passive incomes from doing what you love. What better way of earning money you can expect? Online galleries are soon becoming a new trend where such art lover buys the works online and gets their products by drop shipping.

The best free platforms where you can showcase your work are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Behance. Millions of people are active on such social media platforms daily. So, start uploading your works on these platforms for starting your new business online.

4. Pass on the leanings you had

Same as you many people try to start to draw paint or try to learn different art forms entirely. If you are well versed with what they want. Try your hands-on teaching. Teaching someone only as a part of a hobby or charging them in return of professional coaching, it’s completely your choice, but teaching what you know is one of the best ways to survive from this phase of quarantine.


5. Providing some fuel to your imagination and creativity.

Various research has been conducted where creativity and imagination helps a person mentally, socially as well as emotionally. Imagination is increased when there is so limitations, where you can create whatever you want. Indulging in art and craft helps to experience this practice. In various pre-schools, a child must indulge in activities pf art and craft for the overall development of the child’s brain. It is a common practice of designers, businessman, entrepreneurs to explore paintings for coming up with the ideas.


The most important time people sacrifice in the quest of earning money and climbing the stairs of their career is time spent with the loved ones, especially with their children. The liking for art and craft does not depend on a specific age group. Doing creative art and craft together helps in special bonding within the family. In this time of high competition for career bonding among the family members is something that is too much precious to avoid.

Doing art and craft together creates bonding

7. Stress Buster

Colours and rotor motions of your hands are proven to decrease the amount of stress in your body. To some people, the concept of work from home is not very kind. People working from their home has lost all the work-life balance. To such people, it is a boon to relieve this stress by doing something they like and love.


Let us take the help of our old friend again to overcome these tough times. The intensity of problems we used to solve with the help of art and craft has surely increased. But the one friend irrespective of the problem helps us to get through tough times.

So why not connect with our old friend, spend some quality time with him. Along with him let’s try to find our passionate, Enthusiastic older self in the quest for passing this phase of home arrest and boredom.


What are your views on how you take help of art and craft to utilize your time doing something productive?

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